06 June 2018

Weedie's wanderings

by: Dave Irving

Weedie has been feeling a little lonely recently, and not very well, either. Some cogs in her steering broke, making it difficult for her to move around. She wasn't in her normal bit of Canal, and was a bit suspicious about the strange boats she was left with: she had to keep changing her mooring to keep out of their way. 
So she was very pleased when her new friend Jasper came to visit.  Jasper had been at Wallbridge and was pleased to do some more exploring (she [or should it be he?] is still very young and hasn't seen this bit of Canal before). 
He set out for Bowbridge and was happy to take Weedie's place in the pound being dredged. Jasper will be helping the dredging team by surveying the canal to make sure all the silt has been removed. 
Weedie said good bye, leaving Jasper with the dredging crew. 

With a lot of help from friends with ropes to steer, she made her way to Wallbridge, where there is a nice cafe and lovely Canal visitor centre. She hopes she'll see lots of passing friendly people while she waits for her new cogs to be fitted. Do give her a wave if you're passing by!  She's really looking forward to getting on with her favourite thing - cutting weeds! There are lots of them growing ready for her to collect.