25 June 2018

Pat's Progress

Some times the job just gets too hot to touch.  That was certainly the case today when the metal could only be leant on with gloved hands!

It was going to take more than the heat of the kitchen to stop us, with much achieved today.

We really needed to get the second coat of purple paint on. but that involved giving Pat a cold shower and wash to remove the dust that collects there over time.  Most of the purple is now done.  There is some to do around the doors and then the roof of the control cabin which was left due to much digging for another job going on at the front of the boat.
Elsewhere, a steady procession of worker ants brought out the decking plates from the yard and laid them for onward fitting to the boat.  This was just like a puzzle.  Although, it's more difficult to spot the central 'sky' pieces rather than the edge bits which have features which belie their location.  One panel needed another slot cutting in due to the addition of the water filler pipe dropping down from the gunnel.
We cleaned out and re-greased the lubrication pipe to the propeller shaft.  In the engine room, we had been aware of an alarm, which was possibly connected to the oil/water separator on the side of the engine.  This was duly emptied of a little bit of water and the alarm disappeared - tick.

Back to paint.  The second coat of white has been applied in the control cabin.  Whilst the paint was still wet, we fired up the engine to check the ISO control mapping against a reference sheet provided by Andy J.  It is pleasing to report that all functions operated correctly to the sheet.

We are expecting the rotator and clam shell bucket this week.  This is the last major job before Pat can go and swim in our canal.  The only component still in store is the solar panel.  Now the roof is done, we will fit that on Wednesday.