07 June 2018

SDC Wednesday Team

by: Ian Moody

Wednesday, and we welcomed a huge group from Severn Trent Water. No less than 36 people turned up, resplendent in the sky blue colours of Severn Trent's Community Champions programme. The location was Dock Lock at Eastington, with car parking and welfare facilities very kindly provided by William Morris College. 

The day started with a safety briefing and a 5 minute warm-up and muscle stretch. I don't know who the chap in yellow is but he really needs to concentrate more.

On the task list were fencing and towpath construction and, yes, that did involve yet another 20 tonne load of MOT Type 1 aggregate and more than a few wheelbarrows. We were soon into the swing of things with the towpath team installing edge boards, levelling the ground and barrowing Type 1.
Meanwhile the fencing team removed the old fence, installed new posts and fitted the wire.
By the end of the day the teams had completed another long section of fencing, fixed most of the posts for the next section, installed dozens of edgeboards and got through 13-14 tonnes of the aggregate. Impressive stuff. 

Also on site were Severn Trent's very own photography and drone team so we're looking forward to seeing the results of that.

Thanks are due to the CCT Western Depot folks for providing assistance and for supplementing our tools. We were bound to forget something and fencing staples are definitely easier to fix when you have a hammer.

Oh, and I might have managed a team photo.