20 June 2018

Nearly There!  Dredging week beginning 18/06/18.

by: Andrew Rendell

Dredging in present pound coming to an end although Dredger No.5  is needing a rest and refit, we are battling on.

1.5 metres deep through solid silt at Griffin mill end just before the bund.
Dry dredging team supporting fully by emptying hopper whilst we are loading, so quick.
As next 2 pictures show Les in long reach excavator clearing between bund and Griffin Mill Lock, all sorts coming out which will make it easier for Dredger and hopper to do final clear up below and in lock.
Andy in 8 ton excavator is emptying hopper as well as landscaping.
This week, 2 new volunteers to dredging turned up to see what it's like and are returning next week. Rachel and Richard

Also this week. Thanks to the main Dredger trainees and crew Alex, Frank and John S as main operator.

We've been struggling with an old war wound on a buoyancy tank where a leak on a weld below water means we are lifting the tank off Monday 25th for Chris P to weld. 

As we say all in a days work, variety makes life more interesting although frustrating.

We are getting excited though as the dredging teams can say again, "we have made navigable another section of the canal".

We hope the grand occasion happens at the beginning of July.