21 June 2018

Western landing stage at Lodgemore takes shape

by: David M

There are two main types of landing stage – single-level, and those with an additional lower level for canoes.  However they all differ in other ways depending on the nature of the location.  Lodgemore West is a single-level stage, but the bank is high and the space has no extra width for the landing stage to have a sloped bank.
Due to the vertical bank face, we had an extra week or two of hard work transporting, wire-brushing, painting and fitting steel plates to sit behind the rear OBB piles to hold back and support the towpath.

First to go down is a weed-deterring membrane, and the wooden frames sit on steel cross-pieces every 3rd pair of piles.  The slight offset of the frames one with another is for aesthetic reasons, as the aesthetics don’t matter once the anti-slip green topping is in place!
Armco is bolted to the front face, top surface screwed down, and bollards concreted in.  The final touch from the high bank is a set of steps, made of bricks and concrete lintels.  The cygnets are bigger now, but still paying close attention.