12 June 2018

Margaret Progress

by: Myron

The picture shows Chris putting the finishing touches to the second coat of 2 pack that we put on today. We had to work very quickly as the warm temperature made it start to go off very quickly. I think you’ll agree she looks smart. We also put a coat of anti slip on the deck.

Margaret is technically, now ready to go in the water, although we would prefer she stays where she is while we finish off a few things. We have the engine service to finish and some relatively minor repairs to the hydraulic pump mounting. There’s also some minor touching up to be done to the superstructure paintwork. Then that’s it. Can’t wait to play.

With this major job completed, time for some thanks from Dave and myself to Chris Drake, Floyd Baker, Bob Poole, John Ferris, and it was really great to have Paul Weller join us as well. Thanks guys, couldn’t have done it without you.