27 June 2018

Pat's Progress

One thing's for sure.  If you want to watch paint dry this weather, then you don't have to hang around for very long!

With a new tin of RAL4008athand, just about all the cabin surfaces were given their second coat of purple.  The doors have received treatment also, the results are a really smart looking lady, getting ready to take the plunge.
The rotator and clam shell bucket will now be arriving on Monday next week.  This is the last major job.  Today, the electrics were completed and checked.  We laid the floor in the control cabin using the new pieces made by our chippies to replace the crumbling ones.

On the roof, we now have the solar panel bolted in place.  This is also operational, although the batteries were not particularly hungry.  
Inside the facilities cabin, a load of collected junk and various tools were removed.  The area was given a first stage clean.  We will need to make a hardboard cover for the floor before the lino' is laid.  There is a bit of woodwork to do around the sink/hob unit and also the area where the coal bunker used to reside.
The only other significant job, is the affixing and plumbing of the gas bottle cabinet, which will be mounted on the facilities cabin central deck face, beside the door.

It is fast getting to the stage when we will have to start letting the workers go!  The end is in sight, Jib/clam shell bucket activities are now on the critical path.