11 June 2018

Pat's Progress

The team put in a tremendous effort today in the heat, much was achieved.  The most visible, of course was the restoration of large chunks of yellow metal to the superstructure.  At last, the spud legs were going back on.  We managed to get two sets mounted at the stern of the boat.  The bearing surfaces are probably the best they have ever been.  
A couple of holes required reaming, but all went together well.  The hydraulic hoses to the cylinders remain to be connected.
Paint flowed, as usual.  Second coats of yellow, plus the anti-slip grey paint to all the deck plates.  These took a couple of coats too, but in the sun, the first dried in ample time to apply the second.  Once the underfloor work is complete, namely hydraulics, ballast and some bilge connections, these too can be lifted back onto the boat.
The new water fill point is now installed in the gunnels, with a pipe leading down to the tank. Another notch in the decking will have to be cut.  Work continued with the solar panel and battery connections.  We are also adding straps to hold the cells in place, this is a requirement for the boat safety certificate.
Finally, the four control levers for the spud legs are back in place in the control cabin.  They all now line up nicely and the action feels good.
On Wednesday, we will refit the windows and gutters, before the front spud legs are assembled and probably mount the solar panel on the roof.  There is always more paint to be applied!