08 June 2018

SDC Thursday Gang

by: Ian Moody

Thursday saw us once again take on a variety of tasks. A small team tackled the weed growth on the offside bank of Wallbridge Lower Lock to give the cotoneaster and the new tree saplings a better chance at sunlight and nutrients.  We also had a team head down the towpath towards Lodgemore Bridge to cut back the vegetation that was encroaching on the path
A two person team spent the morning on a tidy-up after the Severn Trent visit yesterday, returning tools and equipment to several of our sites and also delivering a gazebo to Ryeford ready for Sunday’s BBQ and knees-up.

In the yard, we got on with some very hard digging in preparation for fence posts. The clay and stone fought back valiantly but, ultimately, in vain.
Last week’s trench digging team headed over to Lodgemore to continue where they left off. They have successfully located the electricity cable and installed the ducting alongside the towpath in preparation for the bridge electrification. There is a small amount left to do but we are almost there with the ducting.
Another great day and we managed to finish just before the surprise rain arrived.