14 June 2018

SDC - Mega Blog!

by: Ian Moody

3-in-1 today. No, not the lubricating oil, just a catch up on a busy week.

Last weekend we hosted Newbury Working Party Group at Dock Lock, Eastington. NWPG are regular weekend visitors to the canal project and always deliver good results.

They continued the towpath and fencing work and made some more progress on the tricky curved steps at the tail of the lock. 
They also began the repairs to the old spill weir on the offside of the canal where the first, and not insignificant, task was to make a safe working area by blanking off the very deep outlet at the back of the weir. 

"You're gonna need a longer spade". 
On Tuesday most of the team went over to Dock Lock to do some more towpath and fencing plus a bit of digger training. 

Meanwhile a team of elite spade-wranglers went over to Lodgemore to dig for electricity.  Despite their best efforts the cable proved to be elusive so we'll be continuing the search on Thursday, having sourced that longer spade. 

SDC Squared.
On Wednesday SDC hosted SDC.  I was a bit worried that we'd disappear in a puff of logic but it seemed to work out. This time the location was the ramp at Bowbridge where the team continued the edge boards.

A good day's work which was enjoyed by all. We just about managed to squeeze in a team photo.