01 June 2018

Dredger No.5   End of May - Nearly at Bowbridge Lock

by: Andrew Rendell

The Dredging team this week was led by John S. Whilst the bosses and other crew were not around. Gratefully Brad, Alex, Frank, Paul and Rob work hard.

Tuesday started with a problem we all were hoping didn’t. The pound was down in water 5-6 inches and two hoppers were loaded but sitting at a shallow spot. The Tuesday wet and dry team had to work very hard to get the hoppers moved without having to partially unload them.

Then the dry Dredging team set to work unloading the builders rubble and yellow clay.

The weak progressed steadily to the point of nearly reaching the Bowbridge Upper lock gates.

The team had to make a decision whether to load  slowly and putting less water in the hoppers or get hoppers quickly loaded to keep the dry Dredging team operational.

This week set new challenges and the team did well.

Next week we should be finishing at the Bowbridge Lock end and leaving the residents in peace and tranquillity. Then we will be at the Griffin Mill lock end of the pound removing the last large mass of surface silt.

Wildlife is increasing and in many forms but the regular stoppages caused when the young ducklings come by.