06 June 2018

Pat's Progress

With the team temporarily distracted with other diversionary jobs, we actually did quite well today.

More yellow paint has been applied, in fact, everything that should be yellow has at least one coat on it now.  As new bushes got pressed into the parts, the paint was soon applied.  The fixed spud leg fixed metal parts on the boat received a rub down, red oxide and then later on, yellow.  We did not try and commence assembly of a leg set as the paint was a bit soft and would benefit from a proper cure.  So that will be Monday.
Probably the last of the really filthy jobs and one which has been, so far, avoided was finally tackled.  Raising the floor in the engine room and examine the bilge condition.  Since any crud ends up in the port side front corner, due to the position of the boat, it was that floor plate that required lifting.
It happens to be the most difficult to access due to other pipes and the oil tank.  Eventually, the fixing screw were located and undone.  On lifting the plate, a vast puddle of oil, water and solids was revealed.

One of Patricia's old bilge pumps was pressed into action and some 22 litres of sludge was extracted, together with a few shovels full of solids.  Similar treatment was also applied to the bilge directly under the diesel engine.

With a new hole drilled in the rudder post, a trial fitting took place and all was well.  Checks were made to the play in the bottom bearing and a plan of work has been devised to add a sleeve to the rudder bearing surface which will sit snugly in the bottom bearing.  There is too much play due to wear.
Finally, the fixings to locate the spud leg lever controls were sourced.  First, the area around where they mount has been painted, so they can go on next time.

The spies were out today.  For some time a drone hovered over WD.  It was probably more interested in the Severn Trent volunteers working at Dock Lock than us - who knows?